What are Black Label Products?!

What are Black Label Products?!

As you know shopping anime product, there are certainly varying degrees in quality when it comes to anime statues. Each company has their own standard of sculpt accuracy, scale accuracy, paint quality, and detail; as well as availability. Our selection of [BLACK LABEL] products are only the highest of quality, hand picked anime products on the market! Some of our black label product is also exclusive to certain vendors, making us one of the few licensed to sell!

With the growth of our community and support, we've been able to achieve an admirable amount of growth in a very short time. With this, we've been able to solidify our spot as a known retailer for licensed, quality, & desirable anime product and have been able to expand our store! We offer our black label selection to the truest of anime fans and collectors looking to build the best collection around! We greatly accredit our success to- and appreciate the anime community for the support!


Owner, Eternity Collectibles

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