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Gundam 00 Gundam Dynames (MG 1:100 Scale Model Kit)

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The long awaited Gundam Dynames from Gundam 00 is finally available as a Master Grade! Featuring a new high density articulated inner frame, it can easily recreate its iconic sniper poses and has compatibility with 2 LED units (not included). Features head gimmick with pop down camera, unfolding GN Full shields, open missile hatches in waist and knee parts, and deployment gimmick of rear GN thrusters. Includes GN Sniper Rifle with Tripod unfolding mechanism, GN Beam Pistols. The Gundam 00 Gundam Dynames MG 1:100 Scale Model Kit includes 17x runner, 1x sticker, and 1x manual.

A short guide to buying Gundam Model Kits,

Gundam assembly kits commonly referred to in the Gundam community as "Gunpla" are graded by the amount of effort they take to assemble, how many pieces it's in, the size, and the detail of the finished product.

Gundam Grades Rated from easiest and simplest in complexity to most difficult and highest detail are as follows: SD (Typically miniature disproportionate models for ages 4-10), HG (The most commonly built models that are built proportionately to scale 1/144), RG (Maintain the scale of 1/144 with few exceptions but have more articulation, detail, and typically include many more decals), MG ( Includes improved stability, articulation where applicable, sturdiness and scale 1/100), and lastly PG (follows suit in improving all of the previously listed features while scaling to the size of 1/60).

SD- Super Deformed

HG- High Grade

RG- Real Grade

MG- Master Grade

PG- Perfect Grade


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